We nurture future-makers

We find and work with Israel’s best founders who are driven by a clear vision of how the world or an industry could be better. We share their obsession with bringing that vision to life. We do this at the very start of their journey by leading their Seed round. We are Israel’s Seed Fund. We are Tomorrow’s Seed Fund.

What our founders say

As founders, we know how important it is you know who your investors are. When we issue a term sheet, we share a contact list of every CEO we’ve invested in. Until then, here's what some had to say about us:

Why did you choose lool?

What's it like working with lool?

Describe lool

What does founder friendly mean to you?

Avichay or Yaniv?

What we look for

Mission driven founders
We look for founders with a clear vision of how the world or an industry could be better. They have an innate calling that transcends entrepreneurial ambitions and are obsessed with bringing that vision to life.

Technologies we couldn’t live without
We are deliberately anti-thematic. We believe that many of the world’s most impactful tech companies will come from new market categories that don’t exist yet.

Visionaries who tell a great story
We believe in the power of storytelling and the ability of founders who can and will recruit customers, investors and talent to join them on their mission.

Entrepreneurs who execute & scale fast
We believe velocity is important and like people who act decisively, execute quickly, and are know how to seek guidance and find the right people to help them move fast.

How we work

We lead seed rounds

We like to get to know founders at the earliest stage of their journey. We don’t lead Series A rounds though we reserve capital to follow our investments. We invest at fair terms, are transparent in our process, respectful of founder time so aim to get from first meeting to a term sheet within 4 weeks.

We take a proactive stance to get our startups to Series A

We are founders and operators not bankers or consultants. We know that in the early days, founders need maximum freedom to explore and test. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we have converted our experience into a roadmap to help our startups to achieve product-market fit and reach critical milestones sooner. Aggregating our knowledge and experience, we offer founders a comprehensive "Seed to Series A" program. Working with you from investment to build out your company execution plan, strategy, areas where you need the most support, to focus the resources you get, through to helping you with the fundraising.

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