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Voca’s virtual agent platform enables companies to reach their customers at scale, with a personal human voice. 

Inner Cosmos

The world’s first “digital pill”, a penny-sized brain chip that gradually rebalances brain networks using precise, minimally invasive electrical activity, replacing brute-force chemicals like anti depressants.


Eleos Health

Eleos Health gives therapists superpowers and improves patient outcomes by automatically collecting and analyzing pre, in, and post-session data.


LawGeex is disrupting the legal industry by offering an innovative online alternative for people and businesses who need to sign contracts by automatically reviewing contracts and providing users with simple English explanations on potential issues.


The world’s first autonomous beehive.


Flip Fit

On a mission to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills and disrupting the online fashion market – the social experience of shopping with friends in your living room…

Lightico logo

Lightico, a fintech SaaS platform for financial institutions and insurance companies. The solution enables collection and verification of customer identity, form completion and document signing during a single call.


An extended reality company (XR), breaking the limits of physical reality by experiencing remote realities interactively & immersively via machines, enabling a variety of professional & consumer applications


Brodmann17 is enabling a state-of-the-art artificial visual intelligence technology compatible with every edge device out there and with almost no computing power limitation.

Medisafe logo

MediSafe is the world’s leading medication management platform, enabling patients to better manage their daily routines and physicians to better understand their patients’ status.


Wibbitz is the market leading provider of automated video production technology, empowering any team to quickly and easily create professional videos for social media, news coverage, marketing, communications, recruitment, events and more.


Zooz, the market leading global payment platform designed to help merchants maximize their payments performance. In July 2018, Zooz was acquired by PayU, the fintech and e-payments division of Naspers, one of the largest technology investors in the world.


NoTraffic is on a mission to reduce traffic and vehicle collisions. A smart network of plug and play AI sensors, underpinned by a set of computer vision and deep learning algorithms reacting and communicating with cars in real time. 


SiteAware (former Dronomy) is a provider of construction management solutions enabled by autonomous drone technology.


The world’s first talent sourcing Bot.


GraphiteRx is a B2B Marketplace for pharmaceuticals, simplifying all direct (non-wholesaler) pharma procurement through a cloud-based technology and service platform.


Sensibo is building the world’s first autonomous indoor climate service.

MarketMan logo

MarketMan is a network for the $1 trillion restaurant supply market. It connects restaurants and vendors all across the US, creating new revenue opportunities for both sides.


Shopial allows online businesses to reach new customers in 1-click at scale from social networks.

~ Acquired by Magento

DBMaestro logo

DBmaestro is a leading DevOps tool provider for the database industry, offering a unique solution for controlling the database continuous delivery processes.


Home365 removes the risks and unknowns of rental property ownership while delivering predictable profits. The platform offers vacancy insurance rental listing, tenant management and maintenance for one flat all-inclusive rate.



Saga is the world’s first non-anoymous, reserve backed blockchain-based global digital currency.


A leading content discovery platform for kids, the KIDOZ Network allows content publishers to promote, distribute, and monetize their child-friendly content. Kidoz was acquired by Shoal Games Ltd. (TSXV:SGW) in December 2019.


Mabaya offers a unique SaaS platform that helps online retailers and marketplaces generate new revenue through promoting sponsored products in their virtual stores.


SaaS project management platform for cities to increase capacity and speed to discover, evaluate and implement new technologies. Partner cities include Palo Alto, San Jose and Sacramento, already seeing huge benefits in innovation.


MyPermissions, the world’s leader in app privacy protection, helps users protect their personal online information and helps developers be more transparent and build trust through certification.

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