Maya Szutan-Azoulay

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Maya Szutan-Azoulay initially joined lool ventures as a Principal, helping to shape the strategic direction during her tenure. Her journey in the tech industry then led her to senior positions at notable companies like Hibob and Venn, and as the COO of EX.CO, where she led operations and spearheaded global expansion and M&A opportunities.

After achieving significant milestones, including overseeing fundraising efforts of over $200 million, Maya has returned to lool ventures, now as a Partner. She brings a wealth of experience from across the tech landscape, leveraging her unique blend of strategy, product, and operational expertise to drive growth and innovation at lool.

A former member of the Special Forces Unit in the Israel Defense Forces, Maya combines her disciplined military background with a strong academic foundation, having graduated Cum Laude from Reichman University with degrees in Law and Finance. At lool, she continues to apply her extensive global expertise to help founders scale and succeed, drawing on a broad network of advisors and investors and her dedication for excellence.

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